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Welcome to Create & Consult, where conversations occur around business and art, and chats happen about application of art and business. Communicating, doing and enabling arty stuff, playing with serious intent, with head heart and hands working concurrently.

Training, teaching, facilitating and developing the art of business and the business of art.

Business advice and support for creative types:- artists, cabinet makers, designers gardeners, installation providers , jewellers, therapists.
Making simple the art of business planning, clarity, focus, marketing, time, systems and procedures: the nuts and bolts of being creatively in business

Art, Painting and creative classes, tutorials and workshops for finding a visual language, developing your art and excelling with your talent, (latent or alive) For individuals, groups teams and corporations. It's always a good time to start your painting.

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art."
Leonardo da Vinci

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Excitement, Bankside Gallery are using my image, Colour Consequences, shown in 2014, to advertise their Contemporary Watercolour Competition 2015.
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  Very liberating, interesting, cathartic, and a real break from everyday life – whether you think you can paint or not. The safety, camaraderie, the fun, exploration, relaxed environment and the food.  
JL, International trainer, Aylesbury, 2010

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New pictures!
New pictures being sorted out for the Studio Gems (Weds Aug 20th) and Stanton Village Festival
Bank holiday Sunday and Monday (August 24th/25th)
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