Peronel started painting as a youngster, holding her first exhibition in the wardrobe cupboard at 7, followed soon after by a winning a prize Awarded by Brooke Bond Tea, for an excellent drawing of a rose, and in her early teens winning an open competition run by "Mind". 

Her habit of entering competitions continues and her work has been shown in London at the RWS and RI in 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011*winning the Frank Herring Outstanding painting award, 2013 and 2014.

Facilitating arty freedom

Art, Painting and creative classes, tutorials and workshops for finding a visual language, developing your art and excelling with your talent, (latent or alive) For individuals, groups teams and corporations. It's always a good time to start your painting.

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art."
Leonardo da Vinci

Art classes for all, young and old (er)

Classes and regular workshops are provided for the non artist, the developing artist and the experienced painter. The content of each session is geared toward your level and to providing opportunities to explore new mediums and personal encouragement.

Peronel is a trained teacher, facilitator and coach. She provides a safe place to try experiment and find out what happens when... a challenging environment to explore and a playful opportunity to experiment knowing that she will help direct the flow of the paint and brush as necessary. 

Flinging paint

Friday Freedom and Saturday Studio

 It is a time of flinging paint, having fun and finding out how to do things differently from the norm, a little risk taking , different from a  percieved right way.

Friday Freedom from 10am, dates on

Saturday Studio from 10am, dates on

Saturday Studio doubles, 4.5 hours from 10.00am dates on

Individual and group sessions

YELLOW Topics covered: one session 2.25 hours
* the freedom of hand and eye coordination
* using big marks and big brushes
* working at an easel
* releasing creativity
* having fun with colour

ORANGE Topics covered: 4 sessions 2.25 hours 
    * scale
    * proportion
    * colour mixing
    * composition
    * design
    * elements of construction
    * painting from life, still life or outside
    * use of easel and sketchbook

GREEN Topics covered: 8 sessions 2.25 hours 
    * knowing the difference of medium
    * working big, working small
    * freedom and structure
    * developing a subject matter
    * enhancing your style
    * painting with emotion
    * abstraction and extending ideas
    * where to go now

PURPLE  Topics covered: 5 Sessions over 5 days
Summer sunshine with outdoor painting activity over five continuous days, either in the morning or the afternoon. Oxfordshire based, basic equipment required.
    * the landscape and capturing it on paper
    * controlling light and shade
    * values and colour
    * perspective
    * what to select
    * how to set up
    * managing the environment
    * what to do next

"Peronel's approach is warm, insightful and inspirational.  She restored my daughter's confidence and joy in her creative abilities after they had been crushed by poor teaching.  Peronel's gentle guidance and encouragement helped Jess to shift her perspective and tap into her innate originality.  Instead of giving up Art altogether, she is on track to attain her A grade - and has now chosen to take Fine Art to A level." 

Parent, EC 2013 (Postscript- Jess went on to study Art at University)

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