The challenging comment

After days of gathering material for painting, I have avoided my studio for a week, and was stuck in that in-between land of thinking but not doing. Sally said, “Whats your excuse now?’

That was a jolt to my prevarication - enough to see that whatever thinking I was doing about x y and z, actually they were all excuses that prevented me from getting on! Goals and targets sound businessy, hold me accountable, to myself, my art and my aim. They can be little, 2 hours studio work today, and 10 mins exercise/walk and they can be medium sized, like doing a task that is a frog, something you don’t like, phoning a contact, a possible, following up on a conversation, or big, - by the end of the year I will have completed 4 new works of merit.

What’s your excuse(s)? Are you exceeding your own expectations?

Intentional conversations can include unfortunate words, such as but (butt for sitting on, OR cancelling out the previous comment) and try. I’ll try/attempt/think about to sort that out, whereas A try is the most exciting way of scoring in rugby union. They are worth five points - the maximum number of points you can score in one go in rugby union.

Listen out for your next try and kick your try into touch!