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Create and Consult considers it a privilege to work with a variety of businesses, using the "Art of Business". From accountants, to engineers, designers to manufacturers, health providers to franchise owners the simplicity and fun of working together is paramount.

Discuss business issue without judgements

You showed me trust and being able to discuss any business issue without judgements
being made the importance of realistic time management, the importance of taking time out.
Service provider SF 2011


Couldn't have done it better myself! 

Wealth of experience

“Peronel is fun to work with, is supportive, professional, with a nice balance of analytical and creative input.  She has a wealth of experience and a great contact book that she shares.”

JB Utility Warehouse 2013

Pinpoint the crux of the situation

Peronel quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful insights or questions to ponder.  With her help, I was able to recognise where I could improve myself. " DP 2016

Possibly the best two hours

Peronel, what can I say? Possibly the best two hours I have spent working through how to move my business forward. Peronel has helped me to see how I can organize my time effectively to be able to achieve the things that are important to me personally and creatively.

Utilising my time better

"Peronel made me realise that just by utilising my time a bit better, I can find the regular discipline necessary for writing a book thus tackling it effectively. By writing at the very start of the day - in a slot that I always found to be unproductive with my normal job  -  it then allows me to dedicate the rest of the day to my other work without compromising or encroaching on that. Common sense for some, maybe, but it was pure enlightenment for me!"

Such a huge help

Create and Consult were amazing, could never have done it without them.

Looking to achieve the impossible

I very much recommend a meeting with Peronel if you are looking to achieve things you didn't think were possible! I used Peronel to help me organise my time management so that I could balance existing clients with the development of a new furniture and product range.  Now I manage my time more effectively by planning months ahead rather than days and weeks.


Nailed it

You nailed exactly what needed nailing, and it was exciting to flesh out a practical and attractive plan for the next few months. I feel motivated to engage in a big way with my subject!
Author MB 2013

Develop your success

When you are developing your own success, there are occasions where an objective sounding board and some direction is useful.  Accept an invitation to coffee, (I'll pay)  to see if we can play well together.  Email from here, or nip over to the contact page.

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